Eva Kiedroňová

Eva Kiedroňová is a globally recognised author of a unique approach to childcare and the stimulation of infants in tune with their psychomotor development.
Her method is suitable mainly for parents-to-be and the parents of firstborn children. It is also highly educational for specialists focusing on the healthy development of children.

Her books „Něžná náruč rodičů“ (Parent's Gentle Open Arms), „Rozvíjej se, děťátko…“ (Bloom, Baby ...) and „Jak se rodí vodníčci“ (The Birth of an Aquarius). are a compilation of 30-years worth of experience. She has also recorded a set of educational online courses that go by the nameHappy Baby“. She is a regular guest on the „Sama doma“ (Home Alone) show, broadcast by Czech Television.

She promotes an effective form of parenthood education by combining presentations, experience courses, online courses and books. Using the same approach, she focuses on educating specialists in many other countries. 

She has dedicated over 30 years of her life to this matter.

EK Concept

Throughout history the same situation has been repeating itself all over the world. Young people meet, fall in love and are now expecting a baby. Most of the time they have no idea what a massive change awaits them with the arrival of a baby and taking care of them. Whether these changes, overall childcare and in the end the results are a pleasant experience for the parents or an unpleasant burden for the whole family and society, depends on how prepared the parents are, as they are the only ones who influence the baby 24 hours a day. 

Many people assume that children should be brought up using perception. Of course, a perceptive and intuitive approach is essential but without the necessary knowledge, preparation, training and following the basic rules, childcare carries the same risks as driving a car sensibly but without the knowledge of the highway code. 
A small difference in the approach usually causes a big difference in the result. Perceptive but inappropriate forms of childcare can be the cause of a child's discontentment, tearfulness, tummy pains and also their failure to thrive. It can result in bad posture, malfunction of internal organs, restlessness, lack of concentration and many health problems for the rest of the child's life. And vice versa - correct childcare can affect not only the child's good health and well-being but also the quality of family life. 

It is, however, shocking, that there are proper schools for almost everything, but non to prepare parents for parenthood. This sort of education is globally underestimated. Yet it is a task that influences the most crucial things. Health, the quality of development, the overall thriving of our children and the continuation of our family line. 

As the old saying goes - better safe than sorry. Therefore both partners deserve full attention and help with childcare preparation before the birth of their first child, when they are starting to gain ideas about nurturing, caring and the overall approach towards their long-awaited baby. Even J. A. Commenius once said: "Everything depends on a good start".

The Czech Republic is the first country where parents can get systematic education in parenthood.


Eva Kiedroňová's method focuses on the correct handling of a baby in tune with their needs and psychomotor maturity. It is suitable mainly for parents-to-be and parents of firstborn children who use it as part of daily care, but also for experience programmes with children, such as exercising and swimming. She is also sought out by specialists who focus on taking care of the youngest babies and their development as well as on leisure activities for parents with infants aged up to 1 year. 

Eva Kiedroňová's method contains the exact description of how to handle a baby, how to transfer them to another person and proceduresduring handling, exercising and swimming with infants of specific ages with regards to their behaviour and the level of their psychomotor maturity, in order to support their overall healthy development. For easier communication, she named each holding position.

With every holding position and activity, she describes the significance of learning them the correct way and points out the most common mistakes and their consequences. All this valuable information for children's health benefits, she passes on to parents in the following areas: Education, Motherhood, Childcare, Exercising and Swimming.

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as of 1st January 2015 our courses have been attended by:

Exercising for expectant mothers, swimming for expectant mothers

  • Swimming, exercising and psychoprophylactic preparation of pregnant women for childbirth - 3,858 expectant mothers
  • Preparation for childcare - 5,946 parents-to-be

Swimming for parents with children, exercising for parents with children

  • Parent's Gentle Open Arms - practising the correct handling techniques according to Eva Kiedroňová's method - 6,281 parents
  • Advice centre specialising in child psychomotor development - 9,615 parents with children
  • Bloom, Baby ... - practising the correct and effective stimulation of child psychomotor development - 2,850 parents with children
  • "Swimming" with infants up to the age of 6 months in a bathtub - 13,529 children
  • "Swimming" with infants from 6 months to 4 years of age - 76,257 children
  • Swimming with children from 4 years of age - 10,264 children
  • Exercising with children from 2 months to 3 years of age - 17,135 children
  • Mini nursery - 7,512 children
  • 225 Swimming holidays for 4,315 families
  • 74 summer camps for 1,588 children
  • 19 winter camps for 506 children